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To celebrate Chinese New Year (Year of the Dog) we’re offering a bargain offer of all 3 CDs for a tenner (£10 GBP plus p&p) via PayPal. Available whilst stocks last! Each CD is also available singly for a fiver each (plus p&p). More info below.


SNAPSHOTS by Liz Chi Yen Liew OUT NOW!

SNAPSHOTS is Liz's first solo album released on Stella Polaris Recordings (more info here). In this offering Liew delves into her Classical piano roots and has written an evocative suite of filmic pieces with a dazzling blend of textures, melodies and atmospherics drawing from her British Chinese background. It's available as a limited edition CD for £5 (plus £1.99 p&p via PayPal) and also digitally on retailers including iTunes and
Amazon. Clip of 'Resting Place' is on the right.

Photos by Suki Mok Photography

“Liew's score is outstanding and highly evocative…An elegant, organic blend of Chinese and Western classical as well as contemporary elements…It is cinematic in character and partly reminds of composers such as Ravel or Debussy.” – Rainlores World of Music

“"If you are wanting music that transports you far away and yet calms the inner self then this is it..the exquisite juxtapositions of piano and oriental tinged strings and woodwind both stir and soothe in equal measure. This albums ability to haunt is most apparent on the stunning 2 minute stand alone violin solo 'To The Ends of the Earth' before the concluding piano pieces gently wrap themselves around you like the softest of duvet covers..." - 4/5 star customer review on Amazon

LT Chi Sound System - Time is Like Water Flowing

Price: £5 (plus £2.50 p+p)

Liz's sideline project with producer/musician Tom E Morrison (LT CHI SOUND SYSTEM) have just released their debut album 'Time is Like Water Flowing' on Big Sky Song. Inspired by the Chinese changing seasons, their music evokes the passing of time and conjures up images of the landscapes of China – its majestic mountains and picturesque rivers.

Described as ‘Chinese Café del Mar’ their music moves effortlessly from the drama of the Dragon Boat race to the delicate Chinese summer dance to the gritty Beijing Underground techno scene to the joyful Spring Lion dance.

This 14 track album is available exclusively (and securely via PayPal) here for £5.00 GBP plus £2.50 p+p (c) Big Sky Song Ltd 2008

Chi2 Presents Monkey King (Sun Wukong)

Price: £5.00 (plus £2.50 p+p)

This 21 track CD features music from CHi2's show Monkey King - A Modern Beijing Opera, a brand new spin on the classic Chinese tale of Monkey King. Celebrating the richness and colour of Beijing Opera and re-interpreted for the modern day, Chi2's 90 minute show bursts with colour, drama, energy and vibrancy. The soundtrack was written and produced by Chi2 and Tom E Morrison with special guest Kuljit Bhamra on indian percussion and a plethora of exotic chinese instruments including guzheng,souna, dizi, liuqin, erhu, Beijing Opera percussion as well as the church organ. Released on Big Sky Song to coincide with their Autumn 2009 UK tour.

Here are some video clips from the Monkey King show:

Chi2 Monkey King-23 Big Heaven
Chi2 Monkey King-19 Voyage West
Chi2 Monkey King-05 Battle 1
Chi2 Monkey King-04 Monkey Chorus

And the Monkey King 2016 Trafalgar Square Mash-Up revival performance

XX/XY - Liz Liew and Andy Leung

Track out now on NMC Recordings, iTunes, Amazon and all good digital stores

Song of the Fisherman – 30 minute taster

SONG OF THE FISHERMEN - Classic Film Contemporary Score by Chi2, Jiang Li and Kimho Ip from decibel Performing Arts Showcase on Vimeo