So here is it the finished edit of ‘Where Are They From?’ by Suki Mok and myself – hope you enjoy it!

Charting the journeys of four London-based artists from East Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and India we explore the stories behind each journey, life in their hometowns and if their backgrounds have inspired creative work. Featuring guest interviewees: composer/Bhangra pioneer Kuljit Bhamra, award-winning novelist/filmmaker Xiaolu Guo, educator/bassist Svetlana Vassileva and Cameroonian-British artist Shiri Achu.

Duration: 15 mins

With special thanks to Rich Mix, Stella Polaris Studios and Kii Studios.

Cinematography by Suki Mok
Soundtrack, violin, viola, keyboard, liuqin – Liz Liew
2nd Camera Operator – Ikin Yum
Tabla – Kuljit Bhamra
Bass – Svet Vassileva
Music recorded and mixed by Øyvind Aamli at Stella Polaris Studios, London

Big thanks to all our contributors and interviewees Kuljit, Svet, Xiaolu and Shiri for giving up their time so generously and to Rich Mix for their support.