Fri 26 July 2013 – 7pm Snapshots Showcase – Bedford Fringe Festival, South Bank Arts Centre, Bedford College, Cauldwell Street Bedford, MK42 9AH tickets programme notes show pics by David Ball

Snapshots is a live music and dance performance which encapsulates universal moments in life told through Chinese classical and contemporary dance, an evocative live original soundtrack on piano, violin and Chinese instrumentation and video imagery.
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An Evening of Chinese traditional dance and music with a performance of live dance/music piece ‘Snapshots’

First half – 25 minutes

Taiwanese choreographer/dancer Yuyu Rau will demonstrate the principles of Chinese Classical Dance including finger gestures, curving of the body, posture and breathing techniques, with an aural and visual introduction to her performance of a short traditional Chinese dance.

Using poetry and stories Chinese musician Dennis Lee will introduce audiences to the ethereal sound of the xiao (Chinese end-blown bamboo flute) and the heavenly sound of the guzheng (zither) performing traditional music on both instruments.

INTERVAL – 15 minutes

Second half – 40 minutes

‘Snapshots’ is an exploration of emotions around key moments in life, told through contemporary dance influenced by Chinese Classical dance, and an evocative live original soundtrack on piano, violin and Chinese instrumentation with visuals. Fragments of each story gradually unravel through cinematic flashbacks taking audiences on an evocative visual and aural journey, allowing them to reflect on their own experiences.

Post show Q&A with Rau, Lee and Liew chaired by Jih-Wen Yeh

Choreographer/dancer: Yuyu Rau
Composer/piano, violin, vocals: Liz Chi Yen Liew
Guzheng (Chinese zither), Xiao (flute): Dennis Kwong Thye Lee Visuals (still images and film): Suki Mok
Lighting Designer: Chloe Kenward
Sound Designer/Engineer: Øyvind Aamli
Original concept: Liz Liew
Dance and dramaturg mentor: Kate Flatt
Music mentor: Tim Jennings
Flyer design: Moira Fox
Producer: Step Out Arts

With thanks to our funders and supporters:


Special thanks to the actors and children who appeared in the visuals. Also to Chinatown Arts Space, David Tse, Shihan Barry Mitchell (Yudansha Centre) and Resolution!2013 for the research and development stage of Snapshots.

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